6 tips for choosing an air cleaner which protects your home (not only) from viruses

6 tips for choosing an air cleaner which protects your home (not only) from viruses

A quality purifier can easily deal with pollutants that fly in the air at home. It captures viruses, bacteria, mold or pollen. These contaminants get into your body during normal household operation and cause a lot of mischief - such as breathing problems, cough or lifelong allergies. If the air is heavily polluted, frequent ventilation, which can make the situation worse due to outdoor smog, will not help, In such a situation, an air purifier solution is offered.. We will advise you on how to proceed with the choice and what to look out for.

If you have no experience with choosing an air purifier, we recommend that you follow

1. Quiet but powerful fan

The higher the air output of the purifier, the better. If you are an allergy sufferer, you need the air in the room to circulate at least 3-4 times per hour. If you are looking for a purifier for a really large space, take a look at Airbi SPACE, which can purify a space of 160 m2.  Also find out how noisy the purifier is. If you want to use it in the bedroom, it should have a night mode, or at least the option to turn off the backlight, such as an air purifier Airbi GUARD. In addition to the cleanliness of air, sufficiently dark and quiet room also significantly affect the quality of our sleep.

2. Automatic operation and easy handling

Do not rely on one purifier to handle the air in the entire apartment without handling it. It works mainly in the room in which you put it. Make sure it can be easily transferred from place to place, such as čistička REFRESH, which has handles on the sides and weighs only 5 kg.

You can also recognize a quality purifier by the fact that it has automatic operation. It evaluates itself how much contaminants move in the air and adjusts its program accordingly.

3. HEPA filter capturing viruses (including coronavirus)

An important feature that every quality air purifier must meet. The HEPA filter was developed by NASA as protection against radioactive particles. It is the main component that captures all unwanted particles almost 100% - out of 10,000 particles that start at 0.3 microns, only 3 pass.

Although nanoparticles, such as viruses (including COVID-19 coronavirus), are only 0.1 microns in size, the HEPA filter can capture them at least partially due to their properties. This is confirmed by study by NASA, according to which the HEPA filter even detects viruses with 99.99998% efficiency. The HEPA filter also handles bacteria, pollen, mites, dust or mold that would otherwise get into your body. 

4. Other filters and accessories

Find out if it has other useful features and filters. They include:

  • Washable pre-filters - prevent facial and body hair, etc. from entering the main filter of the cleaner. They are easy to maintain and washable.
  • Activated carbon filters - handle odours such as formaldehyde, which irritates the conjunctiva and mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract..
  • UV lamp - contributes to the sterilization of viruses and bacteria in the air, thus reducing the risk of the spread of influenza and other viral diseases.
  • Antibacterial filter - rids the air of bacteria and reduces the formation of fungi.
  • Catalytic filter - decomposes dangerous substances such as benzene or ammonia. They are released from new carpets, clothes, furniture, etc.
  • Ionizer - creates negatively charged ions to ensure fresh air in the room.

We recommend for example čističky vzduchu SPRING,  which meet all the above points. In addition, they received an attestation from the State Health Institute. You can therefore count on them to easily handle the dirt at home.

5. Availability of filters

The most important part of purifiers are filters.. However, they have a lifespan and you must replace them once in a while. Therefore, choose a purifier with which you can be sure that you can get replacement filters few years later. Otherwise, you would have to buy a completely new purifier. With Airbi, you can be sure that we'll be offering accessories long after we have finished selling the device.

6. More useful features

A good purifier should have other useful features depending on your needs. They include, for example:

  • Humidifier - air humidity is often forgotten, but it has a big effect on the body's defense against pathogens. The combined purifier / humidifier can solve all air problems at once, we can recommend for example MAXIMUM air washer with automatic maintenance of the ideal humidity level.
  • Display - for a better overview of what the purifier is doing, some show, for example, the amount of impurities in the air.
  • Children's lock - ideal if you have small children at home and you would not like the cleaner to become their toy.
  • Filter replacement indication - advises you when it is time to replace the old filter with a new one. This is very important so that you do not use the filters even after they lose their cleaning ability. You wil find this feature on all Airbi air purifiers.
  • Timer - set when the cleaner should run. 
  • As well as other functions, such as night mode, safety lock when opened, various operating modes atd.

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