Why is it worth using a fan?

Why is it worth using a fan?

With the arrival of summer heat, finding a way to cool down becomes a priority for many. Of course, this can be solved with a costly and lengthy investment in the form of air conditioning. However, there is one more cooling companion that we should not overlook – the classic fan. Fans have been providing relief during hot summers for decades, and their benefits go far beyond their affordability. In this blog post, we'll look at the benefits of using a fan in the summer and shed some light on some of the perceived drawbacks.

Advantages of using a fan in summer

A cost-effective cooling solution

One of the most significant advantages of using a fan is its affordability. Compared to air conditioning, fans use significantly less energy, resulting in lower utility bills. They are an affordable and practical option for those looking to beat the heat without breaking the bank.

Instant relief

The fans provide relief from the heat as soon as they are switched on. Unlike air conditioning, which takes time to cool a room, fans provide instant airflow that can help relieve discomfort. Especially during hot summer days and restless nights.

Versatility and portability

Fans come in a variety of sizes and designs and offer a versatile cooling solution for any space. Whether you prefer a stand fan, a column fan or a table fan, you will always find a type that suits your needs. Plus, they're portable, so you can move them around and focus on problem areas around the house. There are even battery-operated fans that you can even take outside to enjoy a refreshing breeze on the terrace when there is no wind. A great example is the Airbi COOL or Airbi BLADE rechargeable battery fans.

Energy efficiency

With rising energy prices and awareness of environmental issues, energy efficiency is a critical factor today. Fans excel in this regard because they use significantly less energy than air conditioners, up to 100x. If you choose a fan instead of an air conditioner, you will significantly save on the budget and also contribute to a greener future.

White noise and sleep aid

Some people find the gentle hum of the fan soothing and even use it to help them fall asleep. The white noise produced by the fan can drown out the surrounding sounds, promote relaxation and help people fall asleep faster. This additional advantage makes fans multi-purpose devices for increasing comfort and quality of sleep.

Disadvantages of ventilators

Limited cooling range

Critics say fans only circulate existing air and don't actually cool the room. It is true that fans do not reduce the temperature, but they create a cooling effect by evaporating moisture from the skin, thus providing relief and a feeling of coolness equally well. In addition, strategically chosen fan placement can effectively cool not only you but also the room.

Noise level

It is true that some fans are noisy, especially those with powerful motors. However, advances in fan technology have led to quieter models such as the Airbi ZEPHYR with a rotating louver instead of a propeller. With the right choice, there is no need to worry about too much noise. In addition, most fans have several performance levels, so it is not a problem to find the right balance between cooling performance and noise level.


While fans don't have the ability to lower the temperature like air conditioning, they do offer some compelling advantages. Fans have repeatedly proven themselves as a summer cooling solution - from affordability and instant relief to versatility and energy efficiency. While some disadvantages are discussed, they pale in comparison to the benefits provided. So embrace the breeze, enjoy affordability and beat this year's heat with a faithful fan by your side.

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