Air humidifiers

Air humidifiers are needed in rooms where the relative humidity of the air does not reach optimal values and where the air is too dry or unbreathable.

Devicehumidifierhumidifierhumidifierhumidifierhumidifier and air purifierhumidifier and air purifierhumidifier and air purifier
The principle of humidificationultrasoundultrasoundultrasoundultrasoundair washair washair wash

Integrated humidistatNONOYESYESYESYESYES
Demineralization filterYESYESYESYESNONONO
Operating modemanualmanualmanual, automaticmanual, automaticmanual, automaticmanual, automaticmanual, automatic
Humidification intensity settingYESYES, 3 speedsYES, 3 speedsYES, 3 speedsYES, 3 speedsYES, 3 speedsYES, 3 speeds
Automatic shut-off in case of lack of waterYESYESYESYESYESYESYES
Air purification---ionizerionizerplasma systemwashable pre-filter, plasma systemwashable pre-filter, plasma systemwashable pre-filter, HEPA filter (efficiency 99.97%), carbon filter, plasma system
Max. recommended room size30 m2
(75 m3)
35 m2
(87 m3)
45 m2
(112 m3)
45 m2
(112 m3)
45 m2
(112 m3)
60 m2
(150 m3)
85 m2
(210 m3)
Humidifying power100-300 ml/h120-350 ml/h120-300 ml/h120-350 ml/h190-270 ml/h300-450 ml/h350-750 ml/h
Noise32 dB35 dB35 dB35 dB24 - 30 dB25 - -36 dB25 - -46 dB
Power consumption35 W30-110 W30 W30-110 W4-8 W7-15 W7 - 25 W
The size of the water tank5 l5 l5 l6 l4.5 l7 l9 l
ColourWhiteWhiteWhite, BlackBlackWhiteWhiteWhite
Dimensions (W x H x D)260 x 300 x 220 mm190 x 190 x 290 mm150 x 335 x 285 mm170 x 270 x 340 mm280 x 280 x 370 mm330 x 330 x 405 mm325 x 420 x 410 mm
Weight (kg)1.5 kg1.8 kg2.6 kg2.6 kg4.5 kg6 kg10 kg
Power supply220-240 V, 50/60 Hz

How to choose a humidifier?


Change the humidity level

To make sure that your air problems are really caused by low humidity, we recommend that you first find out what humidity you have in your room. This is done by measuring instruments, measuring relative humidity in percentage. The ideal value is between 40 and 60 %. If you measure less than 40%, then it is time to start humidification.


Types of humidification

There are several technological options to choose from today to humidify the indoor air. The most common principles are humidification using ultrasonic technology and natural evaporation, However, you can also find steam humidifiers on the market. 

More about humidification types


Room size

Each humidifier has a different output and is therefore designed for a room of a different size. You will find the maximum recommended room size for the device in the technical parameters.


Humidify or also purify?

If you need to have the air in your home home not only humidified, but also purified, then it is better to get a combined device. Air Washers not only humidify, but also purify the air from impurities. By doing so, you save money for the purchase and operation of the second device and at the same time the space where it would be necessary to place it.



Hydrostat is a great help in finding the ideal humidity level. If the humidifier does not have a hydrostat function, it is necessary to have an external measuring instrument to monitor the humidity yourself. The hydrostat monitors the humidity value for you, when the set value is reached it switches off the humidification function. And if the level drops below the set limit again, the humidification function starts again.


Noční režim

It's nice to have perfectly humidified air, but if a humidifier wakes you up, it's probably not the right thing to do. Check if it is possible to turn off the backlight and how noisy the device is. At Airbi, we thought of using it in the bedroom.


Other functions

Most humidifiers are equipped with other functions. Therefore, consider if you don't need pre-heating Steam for faster humidification, option to add aroma es, or any of the purifying functions - ionizer, PLASMA system or HEPA type filter.

Why does winter ventilation dry the air?

Why does winter ventilation dry the air?

From the point of view of human health, the optimal value of the relative humidity of the interior air is 40 - 60%, when the mucous membranes of the body are ideally moisturised and do not let dirt and pathogens into the body.

In summer, we can have window open all day and the humidity will be OK. However, if we ventilate in the winter, the relative humidity in the room will start to decrease rapidly. This is due to the fact that cold air enters inside, holding less humidity than room temperature air.

More about ventilation in winter

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