Air purifiers

Air purifiers remove various impurities and allergens from the air in your home. Take a look at our offer and choose the best model.

PrincipPurifierPurifierPurifierPurifierPurifierPurifier + dehumidifierPurifier + humidifierPurifier + humidifierPurifier + humidifier

Controlbutton type + remotebuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbuttonbutton
The main component of filtrationHEPA type filterHEPA type filterHEPA type filterHEPA type filterHEPA type filterHEPA type filterfiltration through waterfiltration through waterHEPA type filter + filtration through water
Filtration system7 - levell4 - levell6 - levell3 - levell4 - levell1 - levellfilter discs + plasma systemfilter discs + plasma systemfilter discs + plasma system
Operating modesautomatic / 3 levels manualautomatic / 3 levels manualautomatic / 3 levels manualautomatic / 2 levels manualautomatic / smoke / 3 levels  manuální2 levels manualautomatic / 3 levels manualautomatic / 3 levels manualautomatic / 3 levels manual
Air ionizationionizerionizerionizerNOionizerNOplasma systemplasma systemplasma system
Max. recommended room size50 m2
(320 m3)
30 m2
(200 m3)
30 m2
(200 m3)
16 m2
(120 m3)
160 m2
(800 m3)
20 m2
(130 m3)
45 m260 m285 m (320 m3)
Noise from28 dB30 dB32 dB30 dB30 dB38 dB24 dB25 dB25 dB
Power consumption (max.)80 W40 W45 W23 W85 W45 W8 W15 W80 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)370 x 200 x 670 mm330 x 170 x 510 mm330 x 175 x 433 mm195 x 195 x 388 mm400 x 400 x 669 mm195 x 215 x 315 mm280 x 280 x 370 mm330 x 330 x 410 mm330 x 420 x 410 mm
Weight (kg)8,5 kg5 kg4,4 kg2 kg14 kg2.8 kg4.5 kg6 kg10 kg

How to choose the right air purifier?


Air output

When assessing the performance of an air purifier, it is necessary to start from the dimensions of the room you want to purify. Multiply the room area (in m2) by the height of the ceiling (2.6 m by default, but may vary).

The resulting volume in m3 ,must be tripled, for effective cleaning of the air from impurities, it is necessary that the air in the room passes through the air purifier filtration system at least 3 times completely. And if you are allergic, then the exchange should occur even 4 times.

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Filtration principle

The air purifiers are not all the same, they differ mainly in the main component of the filtration system. The most common component is a HEPA type filter, electrostatic precipitator, or filtering water discs. How do the methods differ?

More about the method of filtration


Carbon filter

Do you need to remove odours or formaldehyde and other gases from the air? Then we recommend selecting Air purifier with carbon filter. Thanks to its properties, activated carbon binds gases and odours and does not let them into the air. The life of carbon filters varies and is usually in the range of 6 months to 2 years.

Why is formaldehyde dangerous?


Quiet operation

Do you want to use the air purifier in the bedroom during the night? Then we strongly recommend choosing a purifier that is equipped with a night mode. In this mode, the purifier turns off the display backlight and maintains minimum performance.


Automatic mode

If the air purifier has an automatic mode, you can be sure that it will start removing dirt from the air before you even notice it. Using a particle sensor, it constantly monitors the quality of the air around you and regulates its performance accordingly. In addition, it saves energy, as it works most of the time in a maintenance mode, and only increases speed when it detects airborne contaminants.


Filtration system

With air filtration, there are never enough of its components. Therefore, in hogre models you can find other aids in addition to HEPA or a carbon filter. The ionizer cleans and refreshes vzduch, UV lamp and PLASMA system help eliminate viruses, BSS filter and antibacterial disks protect against the multiplication of bacteria ... each of the stages of filtration makes sense and contributes its work to a healthy atmosphere.


Other features

Child lock, operation timer, filter replacement control system, remote control. These are also features that are worth considering when choosing a new air purifier, because they make their use more pleasant

Is HEPA filter class important?

Is class important for the HEPA filter?

HEPA filters are the most important part of any air purifier. There are several classes of this type of filter and it is true that the higher the number in the name, the less particulate will pass through the filter. Take a look at a comparison of the performance of each class


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