The Airbi AIRWASHER is a unique device that combines two devices in one - a humidifier and an air purifier. Its automatic operation can regularly check and maintain optimal humidity in your home and at the same time effectively remove pollen or dust particles from the environment.

Airbi AIRWASHER helps with these problems

Key features

  • 2 devices in 1:  humidifies and purifies the air from dirt in the environment
  • 5 operating modes
  • Built-in digital hydrostat
  • Natural evaporation
  • Water as a filter
  • Rotary discs with antibacterial treatment and BSS filter
  • PLASMA system
  • Very quiet operation
  • Clear LCD display
  • Automatic shut-off when the water tank is empty


Airbi AIRWASHER is a unique airwasher that combines two devices in one - a humidifier and an air purifier. Its automatic operation can regularly check and maintain optimal humidity in the home (40-60%).

Natural evaporation, when the water decomposes into really small and light particles, allows better dispersion of aqueous micro particles than with traditional humidifiers. The big advantage is also the fact that  water that evaporates naturally, leaving no visible traces in the form of mineral substances trapped on furniture, television, etc.

However, AIRWASHER can do so much more - with the help of water as a natural filter it captures air impurities. Users of this device will be pleased with the ease of maintenance and especially the very low costs of its operation. 

To prevent the growth of bacteria in the water, AIRWASHER is equipped with  patented BSS (Bio-Silver Stone) filter  and internal rotating disks with special antibacterial treatment eliminating the growth of bacteria. As a result, AIRWASHER captures up to 99.9% of the bacteria present in the ambient air, and naturally clean and humidified air comes out of the device.

Plasma system - AIRWASHER is equipped with a plasma ionizer,which not only helps capture dust particles, but also eliminates the vast majority of viruses in the air. This feature is optional and can be turned off by the user if necessary.

AIRWASHER is almost inaudible (30-24 db) and its other benefits include energy saving (only 8 W). The device can be used in 5 operating modes - automatic, high power, medium power, low power, night mode. There is also a safety function which, in the event of low water, switches off the device itself and uses the flashing icon on the control panel to alert the user to low water at the bottom of the device.


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Technical parameters

Tank capacity

4,5 liters

Humidifier power

up to 250 ml/h

Recommended room size

45 m2

Power consumption

8 W


24-30 dB


280 x 280 x 370 mm


4,5 kg






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