Respiratory allergies always start similarly - burning eyes, stuffy nose, shortness of breath or sneezing. These allergic manifestations are very unpleasant and every third person has a regular experience with them. The most common causes are grass and tree pollen, dust mites or animal hair.  Unresolved issues worsen over time and interfere with life more and more.

How to deal with allergies?

Being a prisoner in one`s own body

Being a prisoner in one`s own body

Allergies or asthma can often complicate life to the point that we must reduce or give up our hobbies or sports activities altogether. Stuffy nose, shortness of breath, snorting, frequent sneezing and irritated neck also negatively affect the quality of sleep. As a result, we are less focused on  work and our performance decreases. If we want to relieve these symptoms, it costs us a lot of money and time spent at the doctor and pharmacies.

It is therefore much more convenient to follow the regime measures at least at home. - Frequently clean floors and furniture from pollen and dust, observe regular hygiene, change bedding frequently and buy an air purifier to remove airborne allergens.

Methods of air purification

HEPA filter

The HEPA filter is the most perfect thing you can find in the field of air filtration. It is a glass microfiber folded multiple times into the shape of a folding accordion. Originally, this dense cluster of fibres was intended to serve as protection against radioactive particles, but gradually began to be used for air filtration in air conditioners, vacuum cleaners or air purifiers. HEPA filters are often combined with an activated carbon filter to trap gases and odours.

The air cleaning efficiency of HEPA-type filters is very high and they are able to capture up to 100 %of bacteria, viruses, dust and mites, pollen, synthetic substances and other impurities. The filter binds these particles deep in its structure and does not let them any further Therefore, its capacity is limited and it needs to be replaced once in a while.

Electrostatic filter

As the name suggests, this filter captures particles using the principle of static electricity. Its filtering capabilities are also good (around 95%), but it cannot compare to HEPA filter in this respect. In other words, where only 5 particles pass through the HEPA filter, 500 will pass an electrostatic filter.

The advantage of an electrostatic filter may be its washability, so even if it is clogged, you can just clean it and there is no need to replace it. On the other hand, maintenance of this filter is often difficult, especially if it comes in contact with cigarette smoke. Tar can literally glue a metal mesh, and putting it to its original state will cost you a lot of time and nerves.

Air washers

"Airwash uses water as a natural filter to trap impurities from the air. This principle is used where the air is polluted and at the same time very dry, air washers humidify the air very effectively.

The main role in water filtration is played by moistened filter disks, which rotate in water, while the dust particles from ambient air adhere to them. These are then flushed inti the water.

The efficiency of air purification through water alone is slightly lower than that of the first two principles, but it is often combined with other filter elements, such as Plasma system or just HEPA filter.


What is the Plasma System for?

In simple terms, it is a system of positively and negatively charged particles that have the task of eliminating dangerous airborne viruses.

More about Plasma system

How does ionizer work

The ionizer releases negatively charged ions in the air, thereby balancing the level of positively and negatively charged particles. The balance between them has a positive effect on human health.

Více o ionizaci vzduchu

How do you help yourself?

Air purifier is a great helper, but it is not self-saving.. In order to give a wide berth to symptoms of allergy and asthma, it is necessary to follow certain rules..

Tips for clean air

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