How to keep clean air at home?

How to keep clean air at home?

Air purifier is an excellent helper, but it is not self-saving. To avoid polluting the air at home as much as possible, we recommend that you follow these rules.

  • Remove all dirt traps. Carpets or bedspreads are often a breeding ground for bacteria and dust mites.. This also applies to bed linen, which you should change regularly at least every two weeks. A mattress protector can also help.
  • Regular vacuuming and wiping of dust is also essential. If dirt is firmly deposited on the furniture and floor, even the best air purifier cannot remove it.
  • We unknowingly bring pollen and other allergens from the outside on our clothing, hair, and skin. Therefore, when you come home, it is good to wash your clothes immediately and take a shower. This will prevent further spread of allergens in your home. It is good to provide regular hygiene for your pets as well.
  • It is good to keep your stay outside to the minimum necessary. And when you have to go out, you better try it after the rain, when the allergens in the air are significantly lower.
  • Avoid dusty environments - leave cleaning of the cellar or attic to someone else
  • Ventilate best in the morning and before midday. The best way is to ventilate through the next room.

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