6 problems caused by dry air in winter

6 problems caused by dry air in winter

Now that it is clear that the heating season is officially coming, you need to prepare yourself and your home for a period of dry air. As soon as you turn the heating tap, dryness inevitably spills into the rooms with heat. What are the disadvantages of dry air for your home? We have written down for you the most fundamental problems that almost everyone faces in the winter.

The ideal humidity is about 50%. However, this is a value that you can only exceptionally achieve on your hygrometer, especially in winter. The reason is not only the heating on, but also the very dry outdoor air that gets inside through cracks and ventilation. For air, the equation is that the colder it is, the less water vapor it can hold. And as we know, in winter the outside air can be cold more than enough. Therefore, it is no exception that the value of relative humidity in the office or at home is between 20-30%. And such values ​​can bring a lot of complications, whether for human health, household equipment or your wallet.

1. Dry air is emotionally cooler, so you spend more money on heating

This is due to the fact that in a dry environment, sweat evaporates from the surface of the skin faster and thus the body cools down. If you increase the humidity, the sweat droplets evaporate more slowly from the skin and the cooling process is less intense. Of course, you can also increase the heating, but as the heat dries the air even more, you get into a vicious circle of constant temperature rises. And you do not benefit your health or your family budget.

2. Dry air makes you feel like you have a cold forever

Do you often feel that "something is climbing" on us in the winter? This is due to low humidity. The dry air in the room is the cause of your itchy eyes, scratches in your throat and dry mucous membranes. But the worst part is that when your mucous membranes dry out, they can't protect you from the real cold, flu and viruses. At low humidity, some flu viruses survive longer and spread more easily, according to the National Academy of Sciences. If you do not increase the humidity with, for example, a humidifier, this explains why you are always ill more often in winter.

3. Dry air damages anything made of wood

Any equipment made of wood, including your floors and furniture, needs moisture to maintain its integrity. The problem with dry air is that it absorbs moisture wherever it is found - including wood. This will cause the wood in your house to crack, shatter and shrink. Books or musical instruments also literally suffer. Such damage is irreversible and can be costly to repair or replace.

4. Dry air causes dry, itchy skin

Do you notice a significant increased need for hand cream in winter? This is also the result of too dry winter air and low humidity at home or at work.

Too dry air reduces the elasticity of your skin. In addition, dry air can also weaken your skin's natural barrier function. As a result, contact with allergens or irritants can damage the skin more easily. If you already have a condition such as atopic dermatitis, dry air can make the problem worse.

5. Dry air can literally peel your paint off the wall

Even your walls are not immune to the harmful effects of low humidity. No matter what treatment you have on your walls, they can be seriously affected by exposure to dry air. When the relative humidity in your house is too low, it can cause bubbles and cracks in the painted walls, peeling off wallpaper and even gaps between the walls and the ceiling.

6. Everything you touch is charged with static electricity

Another disadvantage of dry air in the home is the accumulation of static electricity. It may not cause permanent damage, but it can certainly be annoying and even painful.

Don't suffer unnecessarily in the winter

Winter is already quite unpleasant with cold weather, do not let the dry air contribute to your discomfort and damage your home. If you find that the humidity in your home is less than 40%, take control of the situation and, thanks to a reliable humidifier, enjoy perfect air all year round. You can find out how to choose a humidifier in the next article, or take a look at a large comparison of all our humidifiers.

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