Airbi PET: Children's animal aroma diffuser for better sleep and disease prevention

Airbi PET: Children's animal aroma diffuser for better sleep and disease prevention

The new Airbi PET children's fragrance diffuser is a great animal companion for every room. Thanks to the pleasant backlight, it chases away all bugs in the evening and helps children fall asleep more easily. Most importantly, it quickly moistens and perfumes the air in the room and thus helps children in the fight against colds and viruses.

Our customers know that the Airbi diffuser category is quite well-trodden. Here you can find simple devices for a few hundred, as well as decent pike with full equipment, including a bluetooth speaker. However, the new Airbi PET is significantly different from its decent companions at first glance. The distinctive and colorful design in the form of a cat, dog or owl suggests that this time we are not targeting adults, but their children.

And it is young children who most often suffer from autumn and winter colds, viruses and colds. Their organism does not yet have an immune system as experienced as that of us adults. In addition, if they are new to school or kindergarten, they are often at home more than among their peers due to illness.

Aromatherapy is not only for children a great all-natural aid against respiratory diseases. And it acts both preventively and also if the disease is already attacking. Eucalyptus oil is literally legendary and very popular among mothers for these purposes. It has antiviral effects and can significantly shorten recovery time, as it loosens mucus and promotes coughing.

The PET children's diffuser can enhance the positive effects of aromatherapy even more thanks to the air humidification function. In addition to essential oil, it is filled with ordinary water. Together with the fragrance, the diffuser disperses it into the room, which smells beautifully and pleasantly humidifies it. In the cold months, the omnipresent dry air dries out our skin and mucous membranes, depriving us of a natural barrier against airborne pathogens. In particular, it is very important to keep the mucous membranes always moist, as this is the only way they can trap dangerous viruses and bacteria that otherwise easily enter the body.

Children who already have their scented partner at home also love the function of a pleasant night light. There are seven different colors of the backlight, which you can change seamlessly, or set just one favorite. Gentle light in combination with relaxing oil (lavender has worked well for children) calms children and prepares them for sleep. For this purpose, the PET diffuser has one more gadget that all tired and forgetful parents will appreciate in the evening. If you turn on the timer function, the device can turn itself off after one hour, when the children are already resting contentedly. Only the lamp will remain lit to protect the children from the night ghosts. Of course, there is a safety fuse that turns off the device if the filling in the diffuser runs out.

As you can see, at Airbi we think of everyone, including the little ones. It is clear to us that the health and happiness of children is the most important thing for every parent in the world.

Read what mothers themselves write about the Airbi PET children's diffuser:

"It's love, it's love, it's love. I love it when, thanks to a blog, I discover something so great, something that I get excited about and that makes us happy every day" - Karolína T., Život podle Karol

"Aromatherapy works for me, and I think the ultrasonic diffuser is the best way to get these beneficial scents into yourself. The aroma spreads very quickly around the room, the smell is pure, not distorted by the fire from the candle" - Jana Ch., Blog Zrzky

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