Dry winter air reduces our defenses. What with this?

Dry winter air reduces our defenses. What with this?

A pleasant environment in apartments and offices depends mainly on the air temperature and humidity. The recommended relative humidity is 50%. In winter, however, the humidity drops below 20%. Dry air also dries out the respiratory mucosa, which spins a spiral of reduced immunity and a higher risk of disease.

How exactly does reduced humidity affect us? Dry air reduces our natural defenses. Dust particles, bacteria, viruses or mite droppings, which are normally trapped by the moist nasal mucosa and exhaled back, reach the lungs due to dry air. This overloads the immune system and, due to the drying of the mucous membranes, also disrupts the body's natural defense barrier. This unnecessarily exposes us to the risk of infection and various diseases.

Drought mainly in winter

Dry air appears where it often heats up and, paradoxically, winter ventilation also contributes to it. In summer we can have a window open all day and the humidity inside will be fine. However, if we ventilate in the winter, the humidity in the room will start to drop rapidly. This is due to the fact that cold air enters, which can hold less moisture than air at a higher room temperature. Warmer air expands more and has a greater ability to absorb moisture. For example, air at 20 ° C can hold up to 5 times more water than air at 0 ° C.

A damp heating cloth does not work

You may be thinking that you are already humidifying the air with a damp cloth or a heating container. It works maximally as a dust collector and fungus for bacteria, with humidity it practically doesn't move. To increase the humidity in the room at least for a while, at least a few liters of water must evaporate into the air. And when using evaporator on the heating, you would wait quite a long time. Therefore, it pays to invest in the purchase of a practical humidifier, where you only need to top up the water regularly. And if it runs out, it automatically shuts itself off.

Air humidifier Airbi CUBIC

Do I need to moisturize at all?

If you are not sure if your problems are caused by low humidity, it is definitely worth buying a room hygrometer first. It costs only a fraction of what a humidifier itself does and will immediately tell you if your household is a suitable candidate for a humidifier. The ideal value is between 40 and 60%. If you measure less than 40%, then it is time to start humidification.

Thermometer and hygrometer Airbi DIGIT

How to choose a humidifier?

When comparing humidifiers, it is important to monitor not only the price, but also the performance, noise and features offered. What are the other selection criteria so that you don't buy a pig in a poke?

Types of humidification

Today, there are several technological options to choose from to humidify the indoor air. The most used principles are humidification using ultrasonic technology and natural evaporation, but you will also find steam humidifiers on the market.

Room size

Each humidifier has a different output and is therefore designed for an otherwise large room. You will find the maximum recommended room size for the device in the technical parameters.

Humidify or purify too?

If you need to not only humidify the air in your home, but also purify it, it is better to buy a combined device. Air washers not only humidify, but also purify the air from dirt. This will save you money on the purchase and operation of the second device, as well as space where it would be necessary to place it.

Air washer Airbi AIRWASHER


Hydrostat is a great helper in monitoring the ideal humidity value. If the humidifier does not have a hydrostat function, it is necessary to have an external meter with which you will monitor the humidity yourself. The hydrostat monitors the humidity value for you, after reaching the set value it switches off the humidification function. And if the value falls below the set limit again, it starts the humidification function again.

Night mode

It's nice to have perfectly humidified air, but if the humidifier wakes you up, it's probably not the right thing to do. Check if it is possible to turn off the backlight and how noisy the device is. At Airbi, we thought of using it in the bedroom.

Other functions

Most humidifiers are equipped with other functions. Therefore, consider whether you will not want to pre-heat the steam for faster humidification or the option of adding aroma essences.Both of these functions can be found, for example, with the CUBIC ultrasonic humidifier.

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