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Interior air deals with various problems. We solve each of them.

The average person consumes 15 kg of air and inhales more than 20,000 times. It is therefore clear that air quality affects our health. So how to make the indoor air clean and healthy? As experts in the treatment of the indoor climate, we develop devices that help solve various problems related to air.

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<p><strong>SPRING </strong>is super-quiet, easy to control, but most importantly it can <strong>clean the air.</strong></p>

SPRING is super-quiet, easy to control, but most importantly it can clean the air.

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<p><strong>TWIN</strong> is modern, fully automatic and primarily <strong>humidifies the air.</strong></p>

TWIN is modern, fully automatic and primarily humidifies the air.

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<p><strong>AIRWASHER </strong>humidifies <strong>the air</strong> and at the same time <strong>cleans it from impurities.</strong></p>

AIRWASHER humidifies the air and at the same time cleans it from impurities.

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<p><strong>SENSE </strong>creates a <strong>fragrant home comfort</strong> full of your favourite aroma.</p>

SENSE creates a fragrant home comfort full of your favourite aroma.

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Why choose Airbi products

  • Superior quality at a reasonable price
  • Very fast warranty and post warranty service
  • 3 years extended warranty
  • We know almost everything about healthy air and we are happy to share
  • If we know that our product will not help, we will tell you
  • We don't have to be ashamed of the design of our products

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We are a Czech family company

Finding solutions for healthy air has become our hobby. We're glad to have been dedicated to what we enjoy for 20 years.

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