Aroma diffusers

You can use the aroma diffusers to warm the atmosphere of your apartment or office. They are also ideal for therapeutic purposes.


Number of different backlight colours7717
Diffuser operating modescontinuous modecontinuous modecontinuous / interval modecontinuous mode
Backlight operating modescolour change, 1 colour selected, no colourcolour change, 1 colour selected, no colourhigh brightness, low brightness, brightness adjustment, no lightingcolour change, 1 colour selected, no colour
Power settingsNONONOYES, 2 levels
Automatic shut-off in case of lack of waterYESYESYESYES
Max. recommended room size15 m2
(38 m3)
15 m2
(38 m3)
15 m2
(38 m3)
30 m2
(75 m3)
Noise< 35 dB< 35 dB< 35 dB< 35 dB
Power supplyDC 5 V, 5 WDC 5 V, 5 WDC 24 V, 12 WDC 24 V, 12 W
The size of the water tank100 ml80 ml100 ml400 ml
Colourbílá, růžováwhite, light woodwhite, light wood, dark woodwhite, light wood, dark wood
Dimensions (W x H x D)95 x 95 x 79 mm100 x 100 x 88 mm94 x 94 x 157 mm212 x 168 x 100 mm
Weight (kg)135 g150 g220 g450 g

How to create a fragrant home?


Electric aroma diffuser

An increasingly popular way is to scent your home or workplace with aroma diffusers. These simple devices need only clean water and a few drops of natural and fragrant essence to operate. After switching on the device, it uses ultrasound to convert the water into cold water vapour, which carries the essence to all corners of the room where it evaporates.

This method is absolutely safe,nothing is ignited or heated, and after consuming water, the appliance switches off automatically. You regulate the intensity of the scent yourself by the amount of added essence.


Incense sticks and tea cup candles

A traditional way to scent a room that we all know. Sticks and candles can help us relax, but they are not too good for our health. Combustion releases carcinogenic substances, which we then inhale. Therefore, be careful with candles and sticks, we recommend that you do not use them too often. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the flame, which can ignite something at home.


Potpourri or dried herbs

Fragrant and beautiful to look at. Potpourri is just like thatmix of citrus peel, herbs and flowers combined in a bowl. You can buy a ready-made mixture, but it is definitely worth making your own combination exactly according to your taste. If you don't want to prepare it,its purpose is sure to be fulfilled even with a fragrant bouquet of fresh dried herbs.

What is aromatherapy?

What is aromatherapy?

The history of aromatherapy dates back to the beginning of our civilization in ancient Egypt. Even then, our ancestors used the healing effects of the essential oils in herbs. Gradually, aromatherapy has become a kind of alternative medicineutilizing the effect of essential oils to support the treatment of various health problems with the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract. immunity or to relieve pain.

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