Airbi STAR

Are you looking for an affordable humidifier that has top equipment and looks great? Then bet on the Airbi STAR, the new ultrasonic humidifier. STAR is a multifunctional device, whicht is equipped not only with humidification function but also with plasma system and aroma box for essential oils.

Airbi STAR helps with these problems

Key features

  • 3 in 1 - humidifier plasma system and aromatherapy
  • Digital hydrostat and thermometer
  • Water and antibacterial filter
  • Steam heating for a faster effect
  • Large tank for 6 litres of water
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Multi-directional rotary output nozzle
  • Remote control
  • Large and clear LCD display
  • Operation timer
  • Automatic shut-off when the tank is empty
  • Handle for convenient water replenishment
  • Option to dim and switch off the backlight


STAR is a multifunctional device, in addition to the humidification function it is also equipped with plasma system and aroma box for essential oils. The plasma system releases positively and negatively charged ions into the air, which attack airborne viruses, decompose them and prevent them from affecting human body. By adding your favourite scents, you can make the climate even more pleasant and take advantage of the beneficial effects of aromatherapy.

STAR has a 6-liter tank of water, so one refill lasts all day and night. And when it runs out of water, you can easily transfer the tank to the tap with a comfortable handle and refill it. But it is mainly the equipment that makes STAR unique. You can find here a timer, night mode, an acoustic and optical indication of an empty tank, large LCD display and the option to dim or turn off the backlight of the device (the backlight is ideal as a night light in a child's room).

The touch panel with the buttons directly on the device is used to set all functions, and you can also use the remote control for more convenient settings. You can also turn on the water heating function for a faster effect of humidification. The you can direct the steam output using the rotating nozzle as needed.

What makes STAR a premium model, is also the offer of working modes of the device. Thanks to the hydrostat, an AUTO mode is available, which maintains the set humidity target level. The hydrostat is also used by the CHILD mode, which maintains the humidity value at 55% and uses a plasma system to eliminate viruses and water heating for faster effect of humidification. Also interesting is the SMART mode to monitor the ideal humidity based on the ambient temperature. And if none of the modes suits you, it's no problem to set the individual functions of the device manually exactly the way you want. The big advantage of the STAR ultrasonic humidifier is high performace at very low power consumption. Thanks to this, STAR manages, with the help of clean and fresh steam, to humidify the room of 45 m2. The package also includes an antibacterial and water filter, which eliminates dangerous bacteria and lime scale in the water.


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Technical parameters

Water tank capacity

6 liters

Humidifier power

120-350 ml/h

Recommended room size

45 m2

Power consumption

30-110 W


35 dB


265 x 179 x 349 mm


2,6 kg






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