Bad odour indoors

A human is able to distinguish up to 10,000 different odours. But not all the odours that surround us are pleasant for our nose. Few people want to smell the odour of waste, cigarette smoke or dust bin at home, the odour of cooking or pets, with whom we share our home, is often not pleasant either.

How to deal with unwanted odours?

How to get rid of the bad odour in the house?

How to get rid of the odour in the house?

The odour in the home is an uninvited guest that no one wants there. You will have a hard time looking for a problem that can disturb your well-being as well as the stench spilling from a waste siphon, burnt milk on a stove or dog, which rolled in the largest puddle far and wide as you walked..

If soda, vinegar or strongest cleansers don't help fight odour, you can try to beat the odour with aromatherapy. But even there the effects are not guaranteed, because often a strange mixture of smell and odour will be created, which you will get rid of even worse.

But what works 100% is Air purifiers with activated carbon filter. Carbon particles can capture and retain odours gases that would otherwise spin in the air over and over again, bothering you for a long time to come.

Methods of odour control

Activated carbon

Activated carbon is a material made mainly of coconut shells and wood. These raw materials are heated to a high temperature, which leads to their charring.. Activated carbon is a very lightweight material with a huge inner surface,  it has a lot of pores of different sizes. As a result, it can capture large amounts of gas and odours on its surface.

To give you an idea - a single spoon of activated carbon is an inner surface equal to the size of a football field.

Frequent cleaning

You can also use tried-and-tested cleaning methods to combat odour. An efficient method is to clean regularly the surface with baking soda and vinegar or lemon. You can also bathe your dog more often.. But be prepared for its possible objections: :)

It is good to reckon with the fact that cleaning measures will always help only a short time and in addition they will take away a lot of your free time.

Scent is more than odour

You can also try to cover the odour with fragrance. Fill the home with fresh cut flowers or use aroma diffusers s favourite aromatic oil. But be careful not to overdo it and do more harm than good. Because there is nothing better than an intense combination of rose-apple and the smell of waste.

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