Reduced immunity

Good immunity is absolutely essential for human health. It is a complex mechanism that protects us from attacks of pathogenic particles from the outside. However, when the immune system is weakened for some reason, our body loses its natural defences against these pathogens and fights inflammation and diseases again and again. Patients are often small children, whose immune systems are not yet mature enough to deal with bacteria or viruses. Even minor exposure to sources of infection can lead to disease in them.

How to deal with reduced immunity?

How does reduced immunity harm?

How does reduced immunity harm?

Deteriorated immune function can have many reasons. The most common include poor lifestyle with lack of exercise and sleep or an excessive stress which each of us is struggling with today. And when a large number of pathogens are added to the environment around us, a slight disruption of our natural barrier is enough for bacteria or viruses to enter our body and begin to multiply.

The quality of the air in our surroundings and its humidity play an important role in protecting against pathogens. The less polluted the air, the less risk of them entering our body. It is also very important to maintain sufficient humidity. When the air is dry, our respiratory mucous membranes or eyes fry out losing their defences against bacteria, viruses and other substances. Air purifiers and humidifiers thus have an irreplaceable place in solving problems with immunity.

Methods Increase immunity

Lifestyle change

First of all, it is necessary to think about the current lifestyle. Try to adopt a rule of 8 - 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of rest.. Active rest, i.e. exercise, is also included in the rest. This is just as important as sleep, especially if you have a sedentary job. Smoking also definitely does not benefit the immune system, on the contrary, a regular visit to the sauna can be very beneficial.

Better air around us

Air conditioning devices will also help to improve your immune system. Outside and indoors a lot of particles fly in the air, which can get into our body and play hell with it. The air purifier is able to remove the vast majority of them from our surroundings. And those which escape will be dealt with by our mucous membranes. All they need is a sufficient humidification, which can be easily provided by humidifiers

Improving eating habits and drinking regime

You are what you eat. This formula is 100% valid for immunity. Try to replace industrially processed foods with fresh and high-quality ones, supplement them with a good portion of fiber or probiotics. Exchange sweetened drinks for clean water, here the rule of 0.5 liters applies for every 15 kg of weight.

Stress relief

Try to work on your psyche as well, stress is also an enemy of immune system. Try some form of meditation,maybe popular yoga will win your heart. And most importantly - think positive.


What about immunity in children?

Children are born with a fully developed immune system. The problem is that this system is inexperienced, because it comes into contact with infections only gradually. 

High morbidity in children most often occurs in kindergarten, where the infection due to the collective and worse hygienic habits spreaads like wildfire. On the one hand, the immune system is trained, but more frequent inflammation harms children.

As for high morbidity in children, the inspection and regular maintenance of a healthy internal environment is fundamental.

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