Do you fight with dry and polluted air at home or at work and do not want to spend money on two devices? Then the Airbi PRIME washer is made just for you. PRIME is a top humidifier that also filters the ambient air through water. Thanks to this it can capture mainly larger particles, such as pollen or dust.

Airbi PRIME helps with these problems

Key features

  • 2 devices in 1:  humidifies and purifies the air from dirt in the environment
  • 5 operating modes
  • Built-in digital hydrostat
  • Natural evaporation
  • Water as a filter
  • Rotating discs with antibacterial treatment a BSS filter
  • PLASMA system
  • Operation timer
  • Very quiet operation
  • Clear LCD display
  • Automatic shut-off when the water tank is empty


Airbi PRIME is a smart device that solves problems with dry and polluted air. It is a state-of-the-art device of its kind with sophisticated internal technology that helps wherever breathing problems, caused by dry air, airborne dust and other airborne pollutants, need to be addressed.

Airbi PRIME is primarily a very powerful humidifier working on the principle of cold evaporation. Slowly rotating special evaporator discs absorb water, while the fan blows dry air through these humidified rotating discs. The humidified air is then dispersed into the surroundings. Natural evaporation, when the water decomposes into really small and light particles, allows better dispersion of aqueous micro particles than with traditional humidifiers. The big advantage is also the fact that  water that evaporates naturally, leaving no visible traces in the form of mineral substances trapped on furniture, television, etc.

Airbi PRIME consumes only a minimum of energy and is easy to operate, because it has a built-in hydrostat - with its help it can regularly check and maintain optimal humidity in the home (40-60%). 

However, PRIME model can do so much more - with the help of water as a natural filter it captures airborne impurities. Users of this device will be pleased with the ease of maintenance and especially the very low costs of its operation. 

To prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the water, Airbi PRIME is equipped with  patented BSS (Bio-Silver Stone) filter  and internal rotating disks with special antibacterial treatment eliminating the multiplication of bacteria. As a result, Airbi PRIME captures up to 99.9% of the bacteria present in the ambient air, and naturally clean and humidified air comes out of the device.

Airbi PRIME is equipped with Plasma system, which is a unique technology that makes it possible to attack airborne viruses, decompose them and prevent them from affecting the human body. This technology does not depend on filtration systems, but uses positive (+) and negative ions (-), which act in the entire room space and increase the chances of the actual destruction of the virus.

Airbi PRIME is ultra quiet (25-36 db) and its other benefits include energy efficiency (only 7-15 W). The device can be used in 5 operating modes - automatic, high power, medium power, low power, night mode. There is also a safety function which, in the event of low water, switches off the device itself and uses the flashing icon on the control panel to alert the user to low water at the bottom of the device.



Petra K / Dec 4, 2023

Tak po trech letech jsem si koupila stejny model, jsem totiz maximalne spokojena! Jen me mrzi, ze tato klubova zona neexistovala v 2020 resp. jsem o ni nevedela, protoze bych ted v rijnu vyuzila 30% klubove slevy a byl by to hodne hezky darek k narozeninam v podobe 2.697 Kc, ale zel jsem netusila. Kazdopadne vyrobek vrele doporucuji!

Zdeněk H / Jun 13, 2023

Je o dost vetsi nez jsem cekal. Kupovali jsme jej jako nahradu za Airbi Twin, ktery slouzil dobre ale s tvrdou vodou jsme meli doma mlhu. Airbi Prime tento problem nema a zvladneme s nim zvlhcit vice mene cely dum (jedno patro).

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Technical parameters

Tank capacity

7 liters

Humidifier power

300-450 ml/h

Recommended room size

60 m2

Power consumption

7-15 W


25-36 dB


330 x 330 x 405 mm


6 kg






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