Are you looking for a fan at reasonable price? Quality and proven Airbi fans are a sought-after helper for a hot room.

Fan typecolumntabletable

Adjustable directional inclination (vertical)NOYESYES
Number of speeds3smoothly adjustablesmoothly adjustable
Operating modesmanual / night /
natural / ECO
Dual air flow directionYESNONO
Remote controlYESNONO
Operation timerYESNONO
Power consumption45 W4 W3 W
Noise (max.)55 dB45 dB45 dB
Power supply typefrom the mainsrechargeable batteryrechargeable battery
Dimensions (W x D x H)280 x 280 x 968 mm170 x 136 x 221 mm169 x 143 x 88 mm
Weight (kg)8.5 kg5 kg2 kg

What type of fan to choose?


Blade fans

As the name implies, the heart of such a fan is a propeller hidden behind a safety grill. The propeller usually has three to six blades and the size of the fan grows with their size. However, it is necessary to take into account that the noise level of the device increases proportionally with the size of the blades. Propeller fans are suitable for table or floor and their diameter is between 10 - 50 cm.


Column fans

Column fans have the shape of tall pillars. Fans of this type do not have a propeller, the air is driven instead by a vertical rotating grille. Its big advantage is a significantly lower noise when compared to an equally powerful propeller fan. Thanks to their shape, column fans will fit into even smaller households, they really take up a minimum of space on the floor.


Ceiling fans

Because they are located near the ceiling, they do not take up valuable space on the floor that you can use differently. In addition, some have a summer and winter mode, where the direction of rotation of the blades changes and the rising warm air returns back down to the floor. This way it can save up to 30% of energy for heating. However, higher purchase price and noisier traffic may discourage.

How to use the fan correctly?

How to use the fan correctly?

The air flow created by the fan should always be directed into the room or against the wall, from which it will bounce and scatter further into the room. You should never point the fan directly at yourself or your pets. In such a case, there is a risk of back blockage, cold or various bodily inflammation. Also be careful to dry out the eyes and allow any impurities to enter.

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