Air dryers or dehumidifiers are used to reduce humidity in rooms. High humidity can lead to the formation of mold and unpleasant growth of bacteria.

Do you know how dehumidifiers work?


Peltier module

This principle uses a thermoelectric phenomenon in which an electric current is conducted through a special module, which causes it to be very hot on one side and very cold on the other. The air, which is then passed through this cold side, cools below the dew point. Condensed moisture is drained to the collection container. The advantage is that the operation is very economical and the operating temperature is 1-40 °C. But it fits more into smaller spaces, dehumidifying performance is not too high.



For their performance, they need a sorbent, i. e. a substance that binds water molecules to itself. By means of a fan, humid air is passed through this material which reusable after drying. It works well at very low temperatures, but tends to be more power consuming and dehumidification performance is rather low.



Compressor dehumidifiers use refrigerant gas to rapidly cool the air below the dew point. Of all the principlescompressor dehumidifiers are the most powerfu onesl, but their performance depends on the ambient temperature. They work best at about 30 °C, while at temperatures below 10 °C often do not dehumidify at all.

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