Hot and still air

In warm summer, everyone imagine themselves by the water, with a cool drink in one hand and a favourite book in the other. Unfortunately, the reality is different. We spend most of the summer inside buildings, where the sun and hot air always find their way. This is doubly true in urban areas, where there is no escape for hot air to move out.
Statistics speaks clearly:

During the summer, 9 out of 10 Czechs struggle at home with the effects of heat.

How to deal with hot air?

Why does hot and still air bother so much?

Why does hot and still air bother so much?

When the word summer is mentioned, what comes to mind to most of us are images of holidays, relax and in recent years, unfortunately, also unbearable heat. When the tropics heat wave strokes, it is often not possible to escape the heat even at home. In the living room, the hot air stands still and the bed in the bedroom turns into a hellish bed, where the superhuman task is to fall asleep, let alone to relax properly. In addition, we breathe harder and defence against overheating costs our body a lot of strength. So we're often in a vicious circle of fatigue, which results in irritability and reduced work performance.

If you don't want to invest in air conditioning to fight the heat, the best solution is a fan that can move the still air properly.


Fan or air conditioning?

This age-old duel has no clear winner. It is clear that the air conditioning cools the room faster and more efficiently. Unlike a fan, however, its operation costs tens of thousands and is complicated to install, which is also the case with its mobile version. Air conditioning is more difficult to maintain and, in addition, is not too beneficial to human health - it cools and dries the air and thus weakens our immunity to pathogens.

The fan, on the other hand, is significantly cheaper and maintenance-free and does not force you to make any construction modifications. You can move the fan to different places and from a health point of view you can be sure that it does not expose the body to temperature shocks and dry air.


Art of ventilation

If you want to have your home as cool as possible during the summer, we strongly do not recommend having the windows open all day. Quite the reverse, a ventilator is appropriate only early in the morning and late in the evening, always for 15-30 minutes. During the day, the windows should be literally sealed and shaded in the best way possible.


Shadow is fundamental

The shading function is best fulfilled by outdoor blinds (for complete dimming) or roller curtain (with the possibility of permeability control). Slightly less effective variants are the classic interior blinds and shutters. The sheet anchor for at least partial sun protection is curtains and drapes, but they are still better than letting the sun flood your home..

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