An unsuitable home climate can cause decent damage to your health and household equipment. But we do not always know his ailments through the senses. Therefore, it is nice to have temperature and humidity values under control thanks to a measuring device such as SMILE. Using it will prevent problems with mold in the corner of the room or with cracked plaster.

Airbi SMILE helps with these problems

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Key features

  • Measures room temperature

  • Measures room humidity

  • Indicates indoor air quality with a smiley

  • MAX/MIN values

  • Foldable stand with built-in magnet and two positions of standing


The digital thermometer and hygrometer Airbi SMILE measures room temperature in the range of -20 ° C to +60 ° C and room humidity in the range of 20 to 95%. The display is divided into two halves, the upper part shows the temperature, the lower part shows the measured humidity and a smiley face informing about the quality of the climate in the room. In addition, the device also remembers the measured min. and max. values since the last manual reset.

Airbi SMILE also has a tilting stand, which can be adjusted in two different positions. The stand also includes a magnet for attachment to metal objects, such as a refrigerator etc. The user has the option of displaying the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.


Martin B / May 29, 2022

Dobrá presnosť - porovnával som s profesionálnym mechanickým merákom.

Technical parameters

Temperature measurement range:

-20 °C to +60 °C

Temperature measurement accuracy:

+/- 1°C

Humidity measurement range:

20-95 %

Humidity measurement accuracy:

+/- 5 % ( 40...80%)

Power supply:

1x AAA battery (not included)

Available accessories

No accessories found.

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