Airbi MIST

Airbi MIST is a simple ultrasonic humidifier that can effectively humidify the room up to 30 m2 at minimal energy consumption. Compared to other humidifiers, it saves up to 90% of operating costs. Its biggest advantages are a large container for 5 liters of water and easy operation.


Airbi MIST helps with these problems

Key features

  • Powerful humidifier
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Water and antibacterial filter
  • Manual operation
  • Rotary output nozzle
  • Night light - ideal for a child's room
  • Continuous power regulation
  • Option to turn off the display backlight


The MIST ultrasonic humidifier is characterized by very efficient and powerful humidification and low energy consumption. Compared to other humidifiers, it saves 85% of electricity. The device is equipped with water and antibacterial filter to capture minerals in water. A useful feature for children's rooms is an option to turn on the backlight control knob on the front of the device. The humidifier has a long service life. Power regulation is continuous.

Technical parameters

Water tank capacity

5 liters

Humidifier power

100-300 ml/h


32 dB

Recommended room size

30 m2

Power consumption

35 W


260 x 300 x 220 mm


1,5 kg






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