Plasma system

The plasma system is an additional feature of Airbi purifiers and humidifiers, which helps eliminate viruses in the air. It works as follows:

The device uses high voltage to form positive and negative ions (Fig. 1), which form clusters (Fig. 2). These ions are surrounded by water molecules that ensure their longevity. The clusters of ions then surround the airborne viruses (Fig. 3), attaching to them and forming highly reactive molecules, so-called hydroxyl radicals (OH). They remove the hydrogen from the virus surface (Fig. 4), which disrupts the surface membrane of the virus, which dies immediately (Fig. 5). The removed hydrogen is subsequently combined with a hydroxyl radical and the final product is water.(H20) (Fig. 6).

In short: formed clusters of ions attack the surface of viruses until they are harmless. The plasma system is absolutely safe, its only by-product is water.