Essential oil PINE

This oil is produced by steam distillation of the needles and small branches. The pine comes from North Europe and Russia; however, it is one of the most widespread wood species of Europe today. For the Celts, the pine was the tree of wisdom.

Essential oil PINE
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Healing effects on the body

Due to its antibacterial effects and prevention of infection, it helps to treat infections of the respiratory system, colds, coughs, asthma, inflammations of the sinuses and infections of the urinary tract. It eases rheumatic pains and arthritis. It is one of the most efficient essential oils for fatigue and nervous weakness.

Healing effects on the soul

It adds self-confidence, dispels melancholia and suppresses pessimism. Suitable for those who blame themselves and feel responsible not only for their own behaviour but also for the faults and troubles of others, have a problem with setting limits and often strive often to meet and satisfy the requirements of others. It helps to dispel a negative opinion about yourself and replace it with the acceptance of you as yourself. It relaxes stress and gives the courage to solve problems.

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