5 Tips For Your Dehumidifier Maintenance

5 Tips For Your Dehumidifier Maintenance

The coming autumn brings with it a natural theater full of colorful leaves, shiny chestnuts and breathtaking sunsets. But it is often accompanied by dry and cold weather full of rain and humidity. An increase in humidity in homes is also related to this. Thanks to the lower outside temperatures, there is less wind, which will cost twice as much at this year's prices for heating. Insufficient ventilation means that air moistened by breathing, cooking or showering has nowhere to leave the house. Fortunately, there is modern technology in the form of an air dehumidifier, which will remove the damp thorn from our heels. So let's take a look at how to maintain them so that they run smoothly throughout the winter season.

If you do not yet own a dehumidifier, but you feel that the air humidity is high, we recommend that you first get a room hygrometer. Its dimensions are negligible, but its benefit can be absolutely crucial for the health of you and your household. Checking the current humidity with a hygrometer is the easiest thing in the world. For example, you can literally buy Airbi hygrometers for a few hundred and they will do you a great service. If they show between 40-60% relative humidity, then everything is fine and nothing to worry about. It is smart to carry out regular maintenance to ensure that the machine runs as smoothly and efficiently as it can. But if the value in the room climbs to 70% and above, you should start thinking seriously about a dehumidifier. With long-term high humidity, there is a risk of air saturated with molds, which cause allergies in the best cases, chronic respiratory problems in the worst, or even cancerous growths.

If you already have a dehumidifier, it is wise to perform regular maintenance to keep the device running like clockwork. So what can you do to keep your dehumidifier in top condition?

1. Read the user manual

First, make sure you keep the user manual or instructions for use. It is there that you will find specific tips and recommendations on what steps to follow during maintenance. Each device is unique, so it is important to have a manual specific to your device. Owners of the Airbi SPONGE dehumidifier can find instructions here.

2. Check sensors and filters

If your device has a humidity sensor, make sure it is always clean and dry. Some dehumidifiers, such as the Airbi SPONGE, also have a filter for cleaning the air from mold and other impurities. We recommend vacuuming it regularly to extend its life. If the device has a filter quality indicator, check if the filter needs to be replaced.

3. Check and clean the fan blades

Just like other objects, dust settles on fan blades. Therefore, it is good to regularly clean the blades and internal components of the dehumidifier using a vacuum cleaner or a stream of compressed air. Thanks to the can of air with the tube, you can reach where the vacuum cleaner can't reach and thoroughly clean all the vents in the device.

4. Container for clean water

After turning off the unit, remove the container. Wash it with warm water and a small amount of dishwashing liquid. Pour vinegar or citric acid solution inside the container and let it work for a few minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly under running water. This will reduce any possibility of limescale, mold and other impurities settling in the container.

5. Check the float

The water level float must be in good condition for the device to function properly, including the safety function of the fuse. If the float is not working properly, it may not provide an automatic shut-off when the container is full. Water can then leak out of the device and cause a short circuit or damage the floor and surrounding objects. Therefore, always check that the float moves freely and is not covered with scale. If it is not clean, soak it in vinegar or citric acid for a few minutes and then rinse it with running water.

If you follow these policies and procedures, your dehumidifier should work without problems. In case of complications, contact your dealer or manufacturer. In the case of the Airbi SPONGE device, you can write to us at servis@bibetus.cz or call +420 733 133 770.

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