Why humidify the air?

Why humidify the air?

Why should we have humid air at home? What is the optimal humidity level at home and isn't it enough to just put a wet rag on the heater?

Because staying in heated rooms with too low humidity can be not only unpleasant but also unhealthy. Optimal humidity is around 50%, however, it is no exception that in many of our households it drops below 20% in the winter months.

At low humidity, the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract are dried and thus disturbed. The result is cough irritation and frequent respiratory diseases, especially in children, cracked lips, scratching in the throat. The skin also suffers. It is dry, irritated, wrinkles form. Static electricity is generated in dry air, electric discharges are very annoying and can damage electronic devices. Dry air has a negative effect on wooden objects, musical instruments, antiques and paintings.

There are many ways we can humidify the air in the room. Maybe you still have ceramic water hung on heaters at home, or you put a wet cloth on the heating. Yes, you will slightly increase the humidity in the room for a short time, but the result will not be sufficient and you mainly risk releasing a lot of bacteria into the air. A much better option is an air humidifier, which can regulate humidity on its own, humidifies the air throughout the room and releases only bacteria-free water molecules into it..

Air humidifiers are recommended for the above reasons by experts for apartments, houses, hotels, offices, school and preschool facilities.

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