Cheap tips to save on heating this year

Cheap tips to save on heating this year

In the cold months, we all like to come home to warm up in heated rooms. However, the term room temperature is a little different in every household and is based on the personal preferences and needs of each of us. For example, a family with small children who often play on the ground has a higher temperature standard than a household without children.
All of us are currently affected by the consequences of the current energy crisis, which has driven energy prices to extreme heights. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to think about how to save energy and not waste it unnecessarily, so that you do not faint when checking the bill.

The best energy saving tactics are the ones that don't hurt. You just need to etch them into your memory so that you don't forget them. A typical example is using the lid when cooking or turning off the light when you leave the room. However, lighting does not account for up to 50 percent of domestic energy use, unlike heating and cooling. So if you're looking for relatively painless solutions that really fit your budget, start with room temperature monitoring.
According to experts in the field of energy, you can reduce the annual energy consumption for heating by 5-10% if you lower the temperature at home by 1°C in the long term. In practice, this means savings of several thousand crowns. And at the same time, it's enough to throw on a sweater every now and then.


What you don't measure, you don't improve

However, it would not be very wise to just follow your gut feeling when it comes to temperature, you wouldn't save much. To save on heating, it is necessary to monitor the temperature using special devices.
Nowadays, there are several options for monitoring the temperature in the room. When choosing a suitable technique, it will always be a compromise between the comfort of use and the price of the device.
The cheapest way to keep the temperature under control is to purchase individual room thermometers for each room. The price of such devices starts at around two hundred, so it is not financially expensive to buy one for each room. So that you don't have to fly from one thermometer to another when checking, there are also devices with wireless sensors, such as the Airbi TRIO. It has a total of three sensors in the package, and together with the base, you can measure temperature and humidity values ​​in four places. And you can see them all at once on the display of the base, where you can also view the maximum and minimum values ​​for the last 24 hours or for the entire measurement history.

Interior thermometer Airbi SMILE, 10€


In addition, all these devices can also measure air humidity, which is more important than you might think when sensing temperature. If the humidity in the room is low, the perceived temperature is lower than the real one and we tend to heat unnecessarily more. The recommended indoor air humidity is around 50% relative humidity. That's when we perceive the temperature as it really is and use the health benefits that such air humidity brings us - i.e. ideally moistened mucous membranes of our body that do not allow dirt and pathogens inside.

Wireless thermometer/hygrometer with 3 sensors Airbi TRIO costs 45€ 

Humidity is also important

And why is the humidity actually lower in winter? Air has different absorption capacity at different temperatures. In the summer, we can easily have the window open all day and the humidity will be fine. But if we ventilate in the winter, the relative humidity in the room starts to drop quickly. This is due to the fact that dry and cold air is coming in, which is able to hold much less water vapor than air at room temperature.
Ventilation is a much bigger science than it might seem. So that you don't have to worry about when it is actually appropriate to open the window, Airbi CONTROL will help you. This measuring device offers the unique function of ventilation tips, which advise when to open the window so that you always have ideal humidity at home. CONTROL measures the humidity value in the room and also outside using a wireless sensor. It then compares these values ​​and advises how the humidity will change when you open the window. In addition, it also offers a warning against the risk of mold or the formation of morning frost.

Airbi CONTROL gives you ventilation tips. Price: 26€

Lower temperature advantages

Measuring devices are a practical helper, thanks to which you can save up to tens of percent of heating expenses. In addition to financial savings, the lower temperature also brings other benefits:

You will be tougher and less sensitive to the cold
After a few days, your body adapts to the lower temperature and becomes more resistant to the cold. This way, you will prevent more than one cold.

You will naturally burn more calories
At a lower temperature, your body burns up to 100 more calories per day. And we don't have any severe frosts, just a temperature of up to 21 °C.

Lower refrigerator consumption
The lower the difference between the temperature in the refrigerator and the temperature around it, the less energy it needs to preserve food.

You will sleep better
It's pure biology - with a lower temperature, the human body and brain fall asleep faster and easier. The ideal temperature when sleeping should be 16-18 °C.

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