7 tips how to keep your home cool during summer

7 tips how to keep your home cool during summer

Tropical temperatures and heat waves have accompanied almost every summer in Europe lately. After all, the past decade was the warmest in the whole measurement period. The warm weather is ideal for swimming, for example, but if you are not catching bronze by the pool, it brings more inconvenience. Few people enjoy when clothes stick to him barely take a few steps. But the worst is when you can't hide from the heat in the apartment, because your home will turn into a desert thanks to the hot and stagnant air.

That's why we bring you 7 tips on how to turn your apartment into a cool refuge from the hellish outdoor air during the summer.

Say no to the sun during the day

The more sunlight you let into your apartment, the warmer it will be. You can reduce the heat in it by closing the blinds at the right time of day.
The hottest part of the day is usually the afternoon around three o'clock. This is because even though the sun is no longer at its noon peak, the earth's surface excretes the heat it has accumulated. It is therefore worth having the blinds and curtains drawn around noon and in the afternoon, ie in the usual temperature peaks of the day between 2 pm and 7 pm. Once the sun goes down, you can open the blinds a little to escape the trapped heat. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your apartment cool.

Add window film to block heat

Let's say you don't always have the blinds closed. Maybe you have a great view from the window or you enjoy the occasional sunbeam inside your home. In this case, there is another way to cool the room with lots of windows - window film against the sun.
The window film works by adhering to your window and blocking the passage of heat through the glass. It's an effective way to save money on your energy bill as well. These films can block almost 80% of solar heat and up to 99% of UV rays. The best choice is spectrally selective window film. It effectively retains heat while letting enough light in.

Adjust the airflow

Whether we realize it or not, the air is constantly moving and flowing through your apartment. When the air conditioning is running or the fans are on, air moves through every open room of your house.
This allows you to create a natural flow of this cooled air into the rooms you use. Close the doors of all unused rooms, but leave the doors open in places such as your bedroom and bathroom. This will ensure that cool air flows where you need it most.

Use portable fans to cool the rooms

It's no rocket science - even a simple portable fan will cool your room. Whether running on batteries or electricity, letting cool air flow from a fan is a great way to dampen heat.
If you have more fans, set them together to cover the entire room. Or you can save and buy our ZEPHYR, which has two blowing directions. You can set the direction in which its upper part blows. And when you turn on the pan / oscillate function, it really covers an entire room of up to 50 m2.
You can maximize the cooling effect with a simple home gadget, thanks to which you will cool the space even more. Fill a large bowl with ice and place it in front of the fan. When it blows over the ice, it creates a portable air conditioner that you can take with you everywhere.

Limit the use of kitchen appliances

Raising the temperature in the apartment is the last thing you want on hot days. Therefore, we advise as much as possible to avoid heat treatment using an oven and stove. When they are used, heat is generated, which inevitably gets further into the apartment and thus increases the air temperature even more. In some cases, the hood may help, but it only sucks out the generated steam and does not solve the heat radiated by the oven or stove.
The solution can be a light salad, outdoor barbecue or a nice summer evening in your favorite restaurant.

Switch to energy-saving light bulbs

Also, lighting fixtures often radiate excess heat in the apartment. Conventional light bulbs emit a lot of additional heat when switched on, but this does not apply to energy-saving light bulbs.
Replace your old light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones with LEDs. They also give off some heat, but compared to the usual ones, it is significantly less.

Do not open the windows until night

Although a tropical night sometimes appears in our country, when the temperature does not fall below 20 ° C, fortunately most warm days during the summer bring colder nights. It is necessary to use this and open the windows wide so that the heated air in the apartment is replaced by a pleasant cooling breeze. You can also help by putting a fan in the window and directing it so that cold night air blows into the room.

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