Aromatherapy and its effects on body and soul

Aromatherapy and its effects on body and soul

The obvious advantage of essential oils is their wonderful aroma. But did you know that the essence offers many benefits in addition to the wonderful scent? Depending on the specific oil, aromatherapy provides benefits for both soul and body. It is best used in combination with an electric aroma diffuser, which spreads the essence into the air together with the water, so that the air not only smells like, but also slightly humidifies. You will especially appreciate this in winter, when the air in the interior is too dry due to the heating. Below are 10 benefits of essential oils, thanks to which they will find a place in your home.


1. They help you relax

Many people turn to aromatherapy after a long day at work due to mental tension and stress. The delicate scents and soothing effects are a great way to relax in the evening. Essential oils can only be used while relaxing on the couch or in combination with another activity to help you relax, such as taking a bath, yoga or breathing exercises.

2. They promote a feeling of calm

Aromatherapy is a great addition to your daily routine, but it can be a great tool even in times of stress and tension. These feelings of peace and relaxation will help you take a break, exhale and calm down when you have nerves and thoughts on the march. In addition, the dispersion of essential oils promotes deep breathing, which immediately relieves feelings of stress.

For relaxation and soothing, scents are suitable to help you calm down instead of recharging you with energy. Lavender essence is ideal.

3. They improve concentration and alertness

The benefits of aromatherapy are mental and physical. Choosing an energizing scent, such as citrus, will increase alertness and the ability to concentrate and concentrate. Use this type of aromatherapy whenever you are working on a large project or task that requires your full attention. You can also disperse the citrus scent around your house in the morning when you are going to work, which will help your body wake up and make it easier for you to start the day.

4. Facilitate lifestyle changes

Whenever you make a big change in your lifestyle, especially if you eliminate something - such as caffeine, sugar or cigarettes - you will definitely be a little irritated before your body adapts to its new normal. The peace and quiet evoked by aroma essence diffusers can help facilitate the transition and reduce the feelings of stress and nervous irritation that often accompany such major changes. Aromatherapy can also help you build and maintain a new routine. For example, you can smell the scent coming from the diffuser in the morning, instead of pouring yourself a cup of coffee :)

5. They improve your mood

Taking a few minutes of time for yourself will improve your mood on your own. And when you feel a little down, such an orange can help you get up and feel better. It evokes a feeling of joy and cheerfulness and suppresses irritability. This will make it easier to solve the problems you have bought.

6. They help to relax the airways and make breathing easier

Whether you have a severe allergy in spring and summer, or a dry cold in autumn and winter, there still seems to be something attacking your respiratory system. Essential oils, such as eucalyptus, keep the airways clean and easy to breathe, while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats such as pollen or viruses. However, if you are using a new oil for the first time, first let the diffuser run for a while and watch for any side effects when inhaling the scent.

7. They help improve sleep

Whether it's an upset stomach or you can't stop your thoughts, there are so many problems that can keep you awake at night. Unfortunately, problems with falling asleep and falling asleep are a very common problem in the Czech Republic. More than 4 million Czechs already suffer from various sleep disorders. Using the soothing scent in the aroma diffuser before bed will help you relax and prepare you for a long night full of deep rest. In this case, lavender can be a real nut.

8. They can reduce muscle tension and pain

If you are in pain after exercise or feel stiff after a long day at the table, put your foot up, turn on the aroma diffuser and feel your body relax. For other benefits, you can also take a few drops of oil and massage it directly into the muscle to disperse the lactic acid and help you lift it. We can recommend eucalyptus or again the essence of lavender, which has a really wide use.

9. They help alleviate mood swings in hormonal times

Many women are very moody in the period before the menstrual cycle or as a result of other hormonal changes. Soothing aromatherapy oils can promote a feeling of stability and calm during a cycle. If you feel like you are constantly flying emotionally from wall to wall, scattered essential oils can help you feel more balanced, especially during the often turbulent period around your menstrual cycle. And which essence to choose? Yes, you guessed it right, lavender will help again and again.

10. Improves blood and lymph circulation under the skin

Essential oils can also relieve joint pain caused by arthritis or rheumatism. For example, the essence of pine is known for its anti-inflammatory effects, thanks to which it can suppress or calm the manifestations of these diseases. And this can significantly increase the quality of life, because joint pain can suffer nicely.


Whether you use essential oils in an aroma diffuser or directly on the body, always start with a small amount first (1-2 drops). If you do not feel any or weak effect, you can gradually increase the amount. However, never exceed the recommended dosage indicated on the bottle.

And what about you, do you use aromatherapy for its health benefits? If you have your own experience, we will be happy if you share it with us in the comments.

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