For more pleasant home office. Electric aroma diffusers get very popular

For more pleasant home office. Electric aroma diffusers get very popular

Each of us has a proven way to create a comfortable home. Common popular household scenting methods, such as scented candles and sticks, require fire to function. And it may cause a lot of trouble without supervision, so we have to keep an eye on it and stay alert. Despite the fact that when burning, carcinogenic substances are released into the air, which probably no one wants to have at home.

That's why there are better ways that work without a flame and allow you relax undisturbed. And maybe immerse yourself in the realm of dreams without having to see if the candles have ignited a tablecloth. Silent electric aroma diffusers are ideal for this. These simple devices only need clean water and a few drops of natural essential oil to operate.


The history of aromatherapy dates back to the beginnings of our civilization in ancient Egypt. Even then, our ancestors used the healing effects of the essential oils in herbs. Gradually, aromatherapy has become a type of alternative medicine that uses the effects of essential oils to support the treatment of various health problems with the nervous system, digestion or immunity, or to relieve pain. And it is the electric aroma diffusers that use their effects very gently and effectively.

Aroma difuzér Airbi MAGIC
Aroma diffuser Airbi MAGIC


After switching on, the device uses ultrasonic technology to convert water into cold water vapour, which carries the essence to all corners of the room, where it evaporates. The diffuser is easily portable and can be used for home, yoga, office, sauna, bedroom or children's room. And in today's strange coronavirus age, this is a great helper that will make monotonous working days at the home office more pleasant.

This method is absolutely safe, nothing is ignited or heated, and the appliance switches off automatically when water is used up. You regulate the intensity of the scent yourself by the amount of added essence. And when the diffuser consumes the cartridge, it automatically shuts off thanks to the fuse, so there is no problem.


Quiet and safe relaxation

Ultrasonic fragrance diffusers consume a minimum of electricity and have enough power to scent the whole room. In addition, they are extremely quiet and completely safe.

All you need is water and a few drops of essence

Electric scent diffusers can be operated by anyone. Just pour tap water into the tank and add a few drops of your favorite natural scent. When the tank is empty, the device switches itself off thanks to the safety lock.

Long endurance and practical functions

On one filling, the electric aroma diffusers can work quietly for up to 10 hours. The pleasant atmosphere will also be enhanced by the optional colour backlight, which can serve as a night light for the children's room so that children are not afraid to fall asleep. Some devices have an interval mode, where the device makes sure that the room does not saturate with the scent.

Every day a different scent

Compared to stick scents with a single scent, electric ones have another advantage - you can change the scent according to your mood, even several times a day, just pour out the contents of the tank, fill with clean water and add a new essence.

Long-term comfort for a few hundred of crowns

The cost issue is also important to most people. Modern aroma diffusers are very affordable. The purchase price of electric fragrance diffusers starts at several hundred crowns, you can buy oils from as little as CZK 50. If you take good care of the aroma diffuser, it will serve you for many years, unlike the bar scents, which need to be purchased again and again.

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