The best way to scent home? Forget about candles

The best way to scent home? Forget about candles

The power permeates the atmosphere of the room and the composition for the moods of all who enjoy it. From early human history, it was candles that gave us scents of all kinds. However, modern times and all its innovations have brought more and better alternatives in the field of fragrance. Electric aroma diffusers spreading fragrant essential oils into the air have become the most popular.

When you enter a space that is pleasantly scented, it will evoke pleasant emotions in most of us. The scent changes our mood, relaxes us and even brings us back to a specific memory. Whether your favorite scents are floral, woody or fruity, the atmosphere in the room will always move to completely different heights. Fortunately, the days when home fragrance meant only spraying artificial spray are over. Today, there are several ways to scent the home with natural scents, and two of them are clearly popular - scented candles and essential oil diffusers.

Candles and diffusers give the home a fresh, lively scent and can fill any room with a luxurious scent. In terms of comfort, safety and variability, however, the candles do not reach the essential oil diffusers or the ankles. All you need with them is water and essential oils, no need to look for matches. And you don't have to soak them in water after ignition to make sure your whole house doesn't burn. And speaking of burning, the diffuser does not have an open flame, so it is much safer for anyone with children or four-new partners. When the cartridge is used up, the diffuser automatically shuts off, which is a great added value for someone like me, who often forgets to turn off the stove or turn it off in the toilet.

A moment of inattention is enough for candles, and misfortune is in the world

Another advantage is the mentioned variability. You can mix the scent exactly to your diffuser instead of sticking to pre-prepared combinations. Do you have a cold? Try eucalyptus with mint. Do you want to create a summer atmosphere at home? Orange with lemongrass will take you there almost immediately. Or do you need to relax after a busy day? Bet on my proven lavender mixture with a drop of pine. There is simply something different for everyone, and with the purchased candles you will lose this "jigsaw" to measure. Sure, the vibrating flame of the candle looks cozy and pleasant, but luxury comes at a high price - just one unexpected burst of spark out of the container and it can be a big problem. In addition, diffusers do not lag behind here either, most of them have an atmospheric backlight, where you can even choose your favorite color.

Last but not least, there is the issue of money. At least a slightly high-quality candle costs several hundred crowns and lasts a maximum of several tens of hours. You can get a good aroma diffuser with an essential oil for around a thousand, and even the smallest bottle of oil will last longer than the whole candle, because you only need a few drops of essence for each filling. And when you get tired of smelling the same scent every day, you can easily change it by mixing a new combination of scents. Even financially, therefore, investing in a aroma diffuser pays off significantly more than constantly buying expensive candles.

So let's summarize the advantages that electric aroma diffusers offer over candles:

Scented diffusers are a safer choice

There is no flame, no hot wax, no immediate risk of any kind. The diffusers simply disperse the water with the aroma oil, and as soon as it consumes it all, it switches itself off. Open flames of any kind are too potentially dangerous to burn unattended all night, and are for obvious reasons a poor choice for households with pets or small children.

Diffusers maintain an optimal level of scent

Although a lighted candle initially effectively spreads scent throughout the room, it cannot maintain flow throughout the day. With the diffuser, a continuous and constant odor is guaranteed for many hours, depending on the choice of the tank capacity of the device.

Aroma diffusers are more discreet

These elegant devices can be placed anywhere in the room, even out of sight. This is not possible with a candle, due to the flame it is necessary to keep it under constant supervision. In addition, the diffusers fit into every household thanks to their minimalist designs.

Scented diffusers save money in the long run

Buying a diffuser and a few essential oils will initially cost a few hundred more than investing in a candle. However, the essential oil is so concentrated that it will last you for many weeks to months, while even the highest quality candles burn for a maximum of several tens of hours. As a result, buying a diffuser pays off significantly better than constantly buying candles.

Fragrance diffusers are fully adjustable

Unlike candles that just burn, aroma diffusers offer a variety of options and features. For example, you can turn on the colorful atmospheric backlight or set how strongly the device should smell the room. Some models also offer the option of interval mode, where the device alternates between working and resting. The filling will last significantly longer and, moreover, you will not get used to the scent so easily, so you will enjoy it for a longer period of time. The specialty is the Airbi SONIC diffuser, which has a remote control and a built-in bluetooth speaker, so you can easily play your favorite music through it, for example from your phone.


Aroma diffusers spread even odor and moisture

Diffusers break down a mixture of water and essential oil into a mist of water droplets, which carry the fragrant essence. These droplets spread very easily through the air and evenly cover the whole room with the scent. In the end, they evaporate and, in addition to the scent, bring pleasant humidification into the air.

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