Factors that significantly affect the air include ions. Ions are atoms or molecules that have gained or lost an electron. The ions that lost the electron are positive ions, the ions that gained the electron are negative ions.

In their natural form, the positive and negative ions contained in the air are approximately in balance. (poměr 1,15 : 1 in favour of the positive ions.). Today, however, this is usually not the case in homes and offices, which are filled with synthetic materials, screens, air conditioners and printers. These producers of positively charged ions significantly disturb the balance in the air and thus have a negative effect on human health (ratio up to 6 : 1 in favour of the positive ions.).

This may result in an increased the production of the hormones serotonin and histamine and health complications in the form of breathlessness, allergic manifestations or even migraine.

Therefore, it is advisable to use devices with an ionizer in the interior, which produce ions with a negative charge, restore the balance of ions in the air and thus protect human health.

Below are the concentrations of negative ions found in different localities.

Room nameNegative ion concentration
air in the city apartment50-100 ions/cm3
air on the street in the city100-500 ions / cm3
air in the forest or by the sea1,000-5,000 ions / cm3
air at the waterfall10,000-50,000 ions / cm3
air after the storm10,000-50,000 ions / cm3