HEPA filter

HEPA filters are the most important part of any air purifier. There are several classes of this type of filter and it is true that the higher the number in the name, the less particulate will pass through the filter. Take a look at a comparison of the performance of each class

ClassEfficiency (in%)How many particles out of 10,000 penetrates
EPA 10> 851 500
EPA 11> 95500
EPA 12> 99.550
HEPA 13> 99.955
HEPA 14> 99.9950.5
ULPA 15> 99.99950.05

For simplicity, these filters are collectively referred to as HEPA type filters, technically there are three subcategories:

EPA - Efficiency particulate air (Efficient microparticle capture)

HEPA - High-efficiency particulate air (highly efficient microparticle capture)

ULPA - Ultra low penetration air (ultra-low particle penetration)