HEPA and antibacterial filter

Replacement double filter for Airbi SPRING

    HEPA and antibacterial filter
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    Replacement double filter for Airbi SPRING air purifier - HEPA + antibacterial filter.

    Antibacterial filter
    It is made of very fine and dense cotton non-woven fabric. The filter eliminates bacteria, absorbs moisture and thus prevents the formation of mold. It also captures even the finest dust particles and microorganisms.

    HEPA filter
    The most important part of air purifiers. This filter, which was developed at NASA, has the ability to capture particles with a diameter of 0.1-0.3 microns with an efficiency of more than 99.5%, and thus removes dust from the air, pollens, smoke, animal allergens and mold spores.

    Technical parameters


    300 x 20 x 455 mm






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