Service and complaints

As an importer, we provide complete service for warranty and post-warranty repairs. If you have any problems with any of our Airbi devices, please contact our infoline 544 214 627 before sending the device for service. In some cases, the problem can be solved at a distance.

Complaints and warranty conditions

  • The following warranty conditions apply only to Airbi brand products purchased by the buyer-consumer from the seller-entrepreneur for the consumer's own use and not for his own business.
  • We provide a warranty for the purchased goods for 24 months (unless stated otherwise) from the date stated on the tax document.
  • The warranty covers product defects that prevent its use due to incorrect workmanship or material.
  • Airbi products are for domestic use only, unless otherwise stated in their instructions for use.
  • The device must always be used in accordance with the conditions stated in the operating instructions and in accordance with the technical and safety conditions.
  • Complaints can be lodged with the seller from whom the product was purchased or to an authorized Airbi service center, if the customer provides the original or a copy of the proof of purchase of the product. In the event of a damaged, illegible or altered document, the buyer loses the right to make a complaint.
  • The seller or authorized service with which the complaint is lodged is not obliged to accept an incomplete product, ie a product without all parts and accessories, into the complaint procedure. For hygienic reasons, the product must not be contaminated.
  • The buyer is not entitled to receive back the parts of the product that have been replaced as part of the complaint.
  • If the buyer sends the claimed product for a complaint or for repair, we recommend sending the goods exclusively in the complete original packaging and preferably in a solid cardboard box, so that the goods is not damaged during transport.
  • In the case of justified complaints filed in the warranty period, we undertake to eliminate defects in the products free of charge. Depending on the type of product, the defect is rectified by repair, replacement of the product or replacement of the defective part.
  • It is always necessary to provide a tax document (or a copy of it) and an accurate description of the defect of the claimed goods for the complaint.

The warranty does not apply to:

  • Damage caused by fire, accident, theft, destruction, wear, neglect, neglect of care, improper use, modification or change of technical parameters, disassembly and disassembly repair by an unauthorized person.
  • Batteries, packaging, or other parts are worn out in normal use.

We reserve the right to reject a complaint in the following cases: 

  • The product is sent for complaint incomplete or without a description of the defect.
  • The tests did not reveal the mentioned defect and the product is found to be functional in the given case.
  • The warranty on the goods has expired.
  • The defect was caused by destruction, wear, neglect of care, improper use, modification or change of technical parameters, disassembly or repair by persons not authorized by us.

Authorized service:

  • Bibetus s.r.o. - Loosova 262/1, Brno 638 00
  • Email:
  • Tel.: 544 214 627

The complaint procedure is as follows:

  • Fill in and print  complaint form (the file is in PDF format, it is necessary to have it installed to view and fill it in Adobe Reader), which you will send together with the claimed product or deliver it in person to our address. If you do not have the opportunity to print the complaint form or if you have other technical problems, then attach a cover letter to the product, stating what you are complaining about, contact address, telephone contact and a copy of the proof of purchase.
  • The complaint will be settled within 30 days at the latest.

The method of delivery of the complaint to us

  • Send the goods by registered mail (NOT cash on delivery) and insured to our address, as we are not liable for any loss or damage on the way to us.
  • The goods sent cash on delivery will not be accepted.
  • The goods cannot be sent back through various dispensing points (e.g. deposit slip, Zásilkovna dispensing point etc.)
  • The cost of sending the claimed product can only be claimed from the seller where the product was purchased.

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