Clear information on indoor temperature and humidity. The display of Airbi DIGIT is divided into two halves, with the temperature displayed at the top and the relative humidity and time at the bottom. The device remembers the maximum and minimum values. The advantage is also the alarm function with a snooze alarm option.

Airbi DIGIT helps with these problems

Key features

  • measuring indoor temperature and humidity
  • clear digital display
  • memory for MAX and MIN values
  • time and date display
  • alarm with a snooze option


The Airbi DIGIT digital thermometer with hygrometer measures the room temperature in the range of 0 ° C to + 50 ° C and room humidity in the range of 20-95%.

The display of Airbi DIGIT is divided into two halves, with the temperature displayed at the top and the humidity level and current time at the bottom. An additional function of the clock is the possibility to set a clock notification (beep). You can also display the current date instead of the time for a few seconds by simply pressing the button. The date and time are set manually on the device.

The Airbi DIGIT remembers the measured minimum and maximum values since the last manual reset. An alarm function with a snooze option can also be set on the device, with a snooze period of 8 minutes. The user has the option of displaying the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.


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Technical parameters

Temperature measuring range

0 - 50 °C

Humidity measurement range

20-95 %

Accuracy of temperature measurement

+/- 1°C (0°C to +40 °C)

Accuracy of humidity measurement

+/- 5 % ( at 40...80%)

Power supply

 1x 1,5V AA battery (not included)


94 x 37 x 94 mm


140 g


Why do the measured values ​​differ from those measured by other measuring instruments?

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